Exhibition Cycle Race and Freedom Run!

Come 15th August and IIT students ran for freedom, literally. Yes, we’re  talking about the series of fun ­filled events organized by BSA on this Independence Day. While all the events were quite interesting, the ones that witnessed the maximum participation were the cycle race and “freedom run”. The cycle race, organized for the first time by BSA, […]

General Championship is here!

The Return of the General Championships In chemical kinetics there’s something called the Driving force of a reaction, it can be proportional to a number of things but the higher it is the more intense is the reaction. In IIT, it’s the GC. For people associated with Sports within the IIT, life assumes a purpose with the Sports […]

IT’S NOT JUST LIFTING WEIGHTS, ITS LIFTING YOUR SPIRITS- Pushkar and the weightlifting logo!

“To achieve something you’ve never had before, you must do something you’ve never done before.”—With this I started the venture as a Weightlifter to achieve something new and everlasting in my life. “WEIGHTLIFTING”—What a strange word to come by as an Indian, yet it has its own significance and addiction! Weightlifting is technique (mind) and […]