Squash team,IIT Delhi and Abhimanyu Dubey- with the brand new logo!

WSquashhen I was first introduced to the sports cultureabhimanyu of IIT Delhi, I was thrilled to see the level of excellence people had achieved in various sports here by playing their sport passionately despite their natural inclination towards academics. Coming from a military school I had tried my hand at most of the sports played here and eventually decided to go ahead with a very unique game called Squash!

Even though the sport is still gaining prominence at the global level and the campaign for squash to be included in the 2020 Olympic Games is going ahead with full spirit, the game has it’s own niche crowd of lovers and fans in IIT. Another facet of the game that makes it unique is the diversity one needs to be able to excel in the sport! From having excellent hand eye co-ordination and racquet skills to involving insane amounts of athleticism and movements. Be it lunging ahead to lift a short ball, making rapid forward and backward sprints around the court or making swift turns to pick savage cross court shots. One truly has to be supremely fit and high on stamina to be able to excel in the game.

But my life in the Squash Team of IIT Delhi has taught me a lot more than just all this. Each rally is like any ambition in life that one tries to be successful in. Most of the times one has to work hard, construct long and testing rallies before seeking the opportunity to score a point. Sometimes it takes just one shot to score that same point. Sometimes however hard one tries, things just seem to be going wrong – unforced errors, bad shots or your opponent just keeps hitting the lucky nick. But the eventual winner here again, like in life, is the player who has persevered for the win, held his emotions- regrouped after every failure and tried to continue the momentum of each success.
It also taught me a lot about working as a team. Even though squash is an individual game and for each player it’s like a physical battle within the closed courts where no one but you can help yourself, it’s always a good feeling to look back beyond those glass walls to see your team cheer up for you, advise you and buck you up every time you are down. Memories of our passing out seniors, Arun and Mehul, who have almost lead a revolution in the scenario of squash at IIT Delhi, guiding me as well as exhibiting some scintillating squash shall remain an integral part of my journey in the team here!

The Squash team at IIT Delhi sees a bright future ahead, having a full time coach for the past one year has definitely been a boon for us and the result of the hard work we’ve put in as a team in this past one year should now start coming the fore. We also thank BSA for facilitating our participation in various tournaments.

So if you’re ready to play a game that tests you to your limits and explore a new side of yourself, then lets meet at the courts sometime?


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