“The Best time of my life”- Sonali Godara with the new logo of Volleyball team, IITDelhi!

Volleyballsonali Before coming to IIT, like everyone else I had this pre-notion that IITians are nothing more than a book worm. But my whole perception was changed after I was introduced to the different boards like BSA, BSW etc. I had a tough time choosing the right clubs as each one was so fascinating. But when it came to sports, I was sure about volleyball.
I was into volleyball from my school time, although i never thought of continuing it in IIT. Honestly, when i first joined volleyball, it was just to complete my NSO hours.
Earlier, I used to be very irregular at practice. I literally used to make stupid excuses for not coming to practice. That’s why my team and the coach wasnt happy with me. But my senior’s devotion towards game and Lekha mam’s speech inspired me to be regular and punctual to the feild. Their eagerness to teach the freshers different skills of the game encouraged us to practice harder. Watching the seniors practice was always a delightful pleasure. Not to deny, inter iit was one the major driving force that improved my skills at the game. My seniors used to share their inter iit experiences which was always a delight to listen to. Every practice session brought me closer to my team members and stregthened my bond with them. This bond deepened more and more during the interIIT season.
My first InterIIT!
It was the best time of my IIT life so far. The semester was over. No classes, no labs, early morning work out , tasty interiit food, outings with seniors , masti and volleyball. Being the youngest member of team, I was so pampered and supported. I still remember during matches, every time i made a mistake , every other team member used to come to me to cheer me up and advice me. The feeling of playing on the court with your team members, when everyone is cheering for you can’t be explained in words. Although we didnt come back with gold, but I definitely made some great friends and memories to cherish.
Volleyball has taught me many things.It even gave me a funny nickname ‘Sogo’. I am so thankful to my volley seniors who guided me at each step. They not only taught me the skills of volleyball but also guided me in other spheres of life.
“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.”

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