General Championship is here!


The Return of the General Championships

In chemical kinetics there’s something called the Driving force of a reaction, it can be proportional to a number of things but the higher it is the more intense is the reaction. In IIT, it’s the GC. For people associated with Sports within the IIT, life assumes a purpose with the Sports General Championships. The rivalry is real, the dreams are real and the effort is surreal. The general championships will start in a week but the action has already begun. The strategising over freshers involvement, restructuring of teams, procurement of equipment, scheduling of practice. All is to say that even though the championships will run to the next semester no one is in a mood to be left a step behind. After winning it for the fifth consecutive time, Kumaon has sealed the GC, which means that there’ll be a new trophy up for grabs this time. With Jwala, Zanskar and Kara closely following order last year and the emergence of Girnar as a contender, this year might just be the end of the Kumaon Dominance.

-Ishan Tyagi


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